I inhale animals

We all know the cost and hassle of taking care of asthma, especially for children.  And yes, we’ve tried many different methods to get kids to use their inhalers at all, much less to get them to use their inhalers correctly.

AT least it's fun for kids!
AT least it’s fun for kids!


Evaluating Medication Allergies


It is true that penicillin allergy (or any drug allergy for that matter) can be very serious. At the same time, can you outgrow penicillin allergy or do you forever have to have the sticker on your chart? There is a protocol to find out! Call the office and find out for yourself.

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Evaluating Medication Allergies

There are many people who have allergies to different medications, and these medication allergies can be frustrating to deal with. Sometimes there’s a medication allergy that is made worse by another medicine you’re taking at the same time. This process of synergy actually can be a very difficult process when physicians are trying, as detectives in medicine, to try to figure out what’s causing the allergic symptoms. Medication allergies, linked with others, have to be treated seriously. You really have to evaluate it and try to find out what’s going on.

For more information, please go to http://www.123MyMD.com.

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ASK THE ALLERGISTA: Do you have any tips for living with an extreme nickel allergy?


Testing for nickel by patch testing (T.R.U.E.) is very reliable for nickel sensitivity. Ask your doctor about whether or not you would benefit.

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AHhhhhhhh! I apparently have an extreme allergy to nickel. Not only touching it but eating foods with high nickel content. I am looking for nickel free everyday products such as disposable razors, etc. If you have any helpful ways for me to deal with this allergy they would be much appreciated.



Ugh… nickel allergy. Nickel is eeeverywhere! Nickel is my most extreme allergy. If I touch it, my skin starts to react in less than 10 minutes and will bubble. It’s super itchy as well. When it comes to nickel, here are some tips:

  1. Copy all your house keys and any key you possibly can and choose the new kind of keys that are coated with a design all over the entire key. Also, put plastic key covers over the tops of all your keys
  2. To avoid metal doorknobs and handles, keep a bandana (I cut mine…

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Study Looks at Calories and Weight Gain

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Study Looks at Calories and Weight Gain

It is a very simple concept: Calories in, calories out. The more calories you take in, the greater your chances you will gain weight. The problem is that many people, in fact, most of us, do not want to believe it. We’re always looking for an edge. We want some way that we can beat the system. So, if you’re looking for a way to beat the system, you will not be happy with the results of a study done at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Researchers followed a large group of healthy, middle-aged, U.S. women for more than a decade. The first step of the study confirmed the fact that too many calories leads to weight gain (that’s pretty obvious). In the second part of the study they found that for those who started off at a healthy weight, being successful at maintaining a normal weight meant participating in an…

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Camp Weekaneatit for Kids with Celiac


It’s nice to have resources like this when you (the kids) need the resources!

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From my colleague, Jeff Lewis:  “The camp is called Camp Weekaneatit, it is July 13 to July 18, overnight camp, strictly gluten-free so the kids can eat what they want without having to worry.  Its part of Camp Twin Lakes – an organization that hosts tons of medical camps.  We have kids from all over – as far away as California the last two years.  Scholarships are available.”

Anyone who tries to follow a strict gluten-free diet knows how difficult it can be to take a trip outside the home.  This camp lets kids enjoy camp without the worry about the next meal or snack.  Spread the word!


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What it’s like to sleep with someone like me…


How funny Becca! You are exactly right!

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images-10Imagine, if you will, that you are on a date with someone you’ve been attracted to for ages. The gender of this person is entirely up to you, but you really like them. Maybe you’ve already had a couple of lovely dates, engaged in conversations that have seriously bonded you, and you’re thinking, ‘yes, there’s something good happening here’. You’ve kissed. It was one of those ‘close your eyes and leave the planet’ type kisses, and now you’re aroused just by being near them.

You go back to their house for ‘coffee’. They turn on a side-lamp and not the main lights, so you know they’re creating a certain ambiance for your benefit. They put on some Nina Simone or some obscure recording from Ronnie Scott’s. The mood is enhanced.

You touch their hand as they approach you.

The coffee never gets made.

A hour or two later, you are…

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Dealing with Problems by Self-Medicating


Couldn’t say it better for allergy & asthma meds!

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Dealing with Problems by Self-Medicating

How many of us try to self-medicate ourselves. We might do it with alcohol; we might do it with drugs; we may do it with over-the-counter medications; we may do it with caffeine. All sorts of things are used to self-medicate. What you have to look at is what problem are you dealing with, and how are you trying to handle it? Self-medication is not a bad thing if you’re taking a cough medicine for a cold. But if you’re trying to grapple with something that’s beyond your skill, you need to get help. That’s why it’s important to see a doctor and get that advice.

For more information, please go to http://www.123MyMD.com.

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100 Days of Happiness


It’s lake season again in Northeast Oklahoma. One of my favorites has to be Beaver Lake in Arkansas. Clear water, beautiful woods….ahhh!

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Possum Kingdom Lake
Possum Kingdom Lake

Day 5 of things that make me happy:  Lakes.  There is nothing like being out by a lake on warm day with a great breeze.  To the right of the picture is a world class golf course.  If me and golf got along, that would have made today a twofer.  I did not do any post production editing to this photo.  It appears as it did out of my iPhone 5.  The colors are beautiful.  Just like today.  A very happy day.  Hope yours was happy too!

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“Fill er up”


And this is why obesity gets out of control!

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A few years ago my wife took a bunch of kids to a local frozen yogurt place.  The kids take their bowl and choose their frozen yogurt flavor and toppings; the cost is determined at the end of the line based on how much you took.  One of our guests filled her bowl (at a sizable expense) but only ate a small portion.  My wife told her, ‘if you lived in our household, I would insist that you eat what you took.’  And even though we both hate waste, it seems like human nature to have ‘eyes that are bigger than your stomach.’

An interesting publication (J Pediatr 2014; 164: 323-6) on bowl size and cereal consumption did not make the coveted list of articles reviewed by the editors.  But, I think a lot of pediatric providers and anyone who goes to frozen yogurt establishments would find the…

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K-Hits Cares! Have You Quit Smoking Yet?

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Cigarette smoking has declined slowly but steadily in the U.S., still over 42 million adults are cigarette smokers and about 33 million of these smokers smoke every day.

Smoking remains a leading cause of major health problems and is linked to nearly a half a million deaths each year. Smoking is associated with most cancers, as well as heart disease, stroke, infertility, and asthma.

What’s encouraging is that the largest decrease in people who have quit smoking is among 18 to 24 year olds. No matter how long you’ve smoked, quitting can significantly reduce your risk for serious health problems.

For more information, visit www.cdc.gov or call 1-800-CDC-INFO.  K-Hits Cares!

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