Spring is Just around the Corner

What Am I Doing? It’s only 1 degree outside and I’m sharing about pollen?
Nothing to sneeze at: Climate change has worsened, lengthened pollen season across the US
Doyle Rice
Published on Feb 8, 2021

As bleak as our winter has been, don’t be fooled by all that snow and freezing temperatures. Moisture in the form of snow and ice feeds the root systems of spring trees that will blossom by the end of this week. Warm winter coats and scarves will soon turn into light jackets and shorts. Your runny nose will no longer be a cold or viral infection, but will probably be classical hayfever due to tree pollen. This article from USA Today caught my attention not only for timeliness, but proven increase in the “pollen load” that our growing seasons are providing more warmth, length of season and generally more favorable conditions for growth of vegetation or “anything green!” I know, you can’t say the pollen season is starting early this year, but over the past 20 years, more ragweed is being collected based on the weight of this very important pollen than every before. What a job, right? I find it interesting that allergies are the only medical condition that patients are disappointed when they don’t have them. Even if your allergy testing is negative, enjoy learning the impact of pollen and where you find it!

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Tulsa is the Allergy Capital of the Nation

Tulsa is the #allergy capital of the nation.  You wouldn’t believe how many times in a day I hear that!  and it makes sense…countless numbers of patients return to Tulsa and find their #allergies are now out of control. But is this really true?  Does anyone even keep track of which city in America has the highest pollen counts and can thus claim to be the most miserable #pollen city in America? Continue reading

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