Is This the Worst Allergy Season Ever?

Spring allergies in Tulsa are up just like this report.  Remember, allergy therapy involves:

  1. Good avoidance of mold & dust.  Decrease humidity to < 50% and cover mattresses and pillows with special materials that keep the dust mite away from YOU!
  2. Medications: Nasal sprays and antihistamines are included in this category
  3. Allergy shots: I now build patients to maintenance in one month, then use MONTHLY schedule instead of the weekly injections.  This makes a huge difference in convenience and compliance!

The article from WSJ has lots of pictures that generally interest patients who suffer from allergies.  Enjoy!

Here’s the article (of all places, online from WSJ—>SB10001424052702303717304577277791366381560.html?mod=e2tw