The road to hell can be paved with good intentions…

Very amusing but real-life doctor stories. Thanks Ben

A Doctor Unleashed...

The practice of medicine gives you an unparalleled opportunity to look like a goose. Of course the opposite is also true: some days bring an impressive diagnosis or even a simple procedure that saves a patient’s life and enables you to be a hero for a brief period. But what goes up must inevitably come down. I have witnessed a multitude of Doctors sink like a lead balloon in the course of everyday hospital medicine…

I recall one of the first Medical Emergency Team (MET) calls I was involved with as a freshly-graduated intern: The call was broadcast over the hospital speaker system early one afternoon stating that the MET team was required at the cafeteria. Medical staff rushed to the scene from all directions, where a senior medical Doctor had taken control in examining an elderly man who had collapsed amongst the crowds of people queuing for lunch. He…

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