Allergy Shots & Testing – My personal experience

I'm getting my allergy shot....and still smiling!
I’m getting my allergy shot….and still smiling!

Some helpful tips and hints from a real patient!


A bit of common sense goes a long way.  When going to get your weekly allergy shot wear a sweater that you can roll the sleeves up on.  Today I made the mistake of wearing the worlds’ tightest sweater.  It is new and has neat stitching which makes for a no-stretch situation.  So as I walk in to get my shot I panic and try desperately to get either sleeve up over my bicep.  Not happening.  So my kind allergy shot deliverer rolls down the blinds and closes the door so I can wrangle the sweater off, my hair looking like it is part of an electricity experiment.

I have been getting weekly and twice weekly shots (one in each arm – cat allergies require their own arm) since April 2013.   I was allergy tested at the end of March.  I had been on Nasonex for a year before…

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