Antihistamine Guide

I’ve published stories about allergy to antihistaminesin the past…this guide is much more comprehensive!


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Our antihistamine guide on is complete and posted for everyone to see!

Check it out:

Article Excerpt:

Have you ever walked into your local drug store just to grab an allergy medicine and became instantly overwhelmed with all the choices in front of you? In this guide, we will hopefully simplify your options and give you a better idea of just what medication is the best choice for you.


What exactly is “histamine” and why does it cause such annoying symptoms?


Histamine plays a central role in the allergic response and it’s main purpose is not to simply cause the symptoms we hate so much (although it feels like that sometimes!). It’s effects on the blood vessels in our body and in our airways is what usually causes the most grief. Histamine also has a major role in the release of stomach acid and the…

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