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It’s allergy season and what can I do?

The following YouTube video describes a process called “Rush Immunotherapy” conducted in Ohio.  It’s now a more common way to deliver #allergy shots and reduces the total number of shots required to achieve clinical relief from your #allergies.  Some caveats about #RUSH Immunotherapy need to be included and your bullet list is below the video.

I would make the following corrections to this video:

1.  Unfortunately, you can’t answer all questions about immunotherapy (allergy shots) in a 3 minute news clip.

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This is exciting for Tulsa!

Let’s take a break from eosinophilic esophagitis (I was hoping you would say that!)–I’ll resume that tomorrow.

The following video is exciting news for Tulsa.  Dr. Kendrick has been very instrumental in bringing this new technology to this community.  Thanks for your hard work. 

What this means is better communication between doctors and hospitals.  Only a better outcome for everyone!


Am I Allergic to the Cold?

It’s January and thank goodness no blizzard like last year in Oklahoma!  But…can you be allergic to the cold?  Every year, I evaluate 1 or 2 patients with “cold-induced” urticaria and today was that day.  The following video is from Mayo clinic, but this condition can and does happen in Oklahoma.

Here is a link to USAToday and the same condition–>Allergic to Cold!