The following YouTube video describes a process called “Rush Immunotherapy” conducted in Ohio.  It’s now a more common way to deliver #allergy shots and reduces the total number of shots required to achieve clinical relief from your #allergies.  Some caveats about #RUSH Immunotherapy need to be included and your bullet list is below the video.

I would make the following corrections to this video:

1.  Unfortunately, you can’t answer all questions about immunotherapy (allergy shots) in a 3 minute news clip.

2.  That being said, RUSH Immunotherapy reduces the time to “maintenance”, but doesn’t really reduce the TOTAL duration of allergy shots.  (still average of 3-5 years)

3.  This method works great for patients who want to quickly get relief from their #allergies right before the season starts.  And now is that time as ragweed is right around the corner.

4.  Pre-medication is required and if you have diabetes, the extra prednisone you must take may elevate your blood sugars. Think twice about using this procedure with diabetes.

5.  We have now been performing RUSH or RAPID Immunotherapy for the past 3 years at #Warren Clinic with good success.  If you want fast relief from your allergy symptoms, give us a call and we’ll see if you’re a candidate.

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