USA Today just can’t stop talking about allergies!

Want to know how to improve your make-up skills during allergy season?  Look at this YouTube:

Here’s the article link. Early allergy in Tulsa! Look at Tulsa which is in the “high” range for this Spring’s pollen count!

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Mold Expert in Tulsa

Alternaria under a microscope--one type of mold

Alternaria under a microscope–one type of mold

Great article in Saturday’s paper on mold identification and how to treat.  Many misconceptions about mold!  I will be using this information as a resource for patients with suspected mold allergy or exposure. 

Mold Expert in Tulsa

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This is exciting for Tulsa!

Let’s take a break from eosinophilic esophagitis (I was hoping you would say that!)–I’ll resume that tomorrow.

The following video is exciting news for Tulsa.  Dr. Kendrick has been very instrumental in bringing this new technology to this community.  Thanks for your hard work. 

What this means is better communication between doctors and hospitals.  Only a better outcome for everyone!

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Today in Tulsa World

Don't sneeze on me!

Very thought provoking article on regulating illness by Jay Cronley.  It makes good sense Jay! see the full article here. Don’t sneeze on me!

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