I hate my headaches

Did you know that headaches are among the “top 10” reasons for patients to visit the doctor.  Typically, patients will try several over-the-counter preparations and seek information on the Web before visiting a physician.  Am I right?  Patients with allergies are often plagued with the following:

1.  Headaches come from nasal congestion–both allergic and nonallergic nasal inflammation.  I call these nasosinus pressure headaches. 

2.  Allergies increase your risk for migraine headaches.

3.  Migraine headaches are related to food allergies. 

My headache is killing me!

4.  Allergy sufferers are not immune from other common types of headaches such as “tension headaches.”

We’ll help you with treatment of your headaches and in particular, finding out what causes your headache in the first place.  I’ll offer the following links to professional societies whose members are particularly interested in headaches, headache research, and treatment!  Relax and kiss your headache goodbye!

American Headache Society

1.  Extensive information

2.  Childhood headaches through adult problems with an emphasis on migraine.

3.  Professional site for your doctor to review.

4.  Headache diaries found here!

5.  Trigger avoidance worksheet.

6.  School instructions

National Headache Foundation

 1.  Physician finder tool to locate specialists in the Tulsa area

2.  Headache impact test found here.

3.  How do you talk to your doctor about headaches?

 National Library of Medicine

1.  Many hyperlinks to Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic

2.  This site takes more time, so use a weekend afternoon to browse.

3.  Good illustrated medical encyclopedia.

4.  Use MedlinePlus for more research.

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