How to Rid Your House of the Dreadful Dust Bunny!

This guy needs to go!

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You’ve been diagnosed with mold allergy, dust allergy or both.  What can I do to stay away from these environmental hazards? What measures are the most important?

I can appreciate companies wanting to help your allergies with their avoidance products, but everyone wants to sell you something.  That can get annoying!  What really works and is the most effective for reducing your exposure to mold & the dreaded dust bunny?

1.  Mold loves to grow in high humidity.  If you will reduce indoor humidity to < 50%, molds won’t be happy and will grow somewhere else. 

2.  How do you find out what your humidity is?  Use a hygrometer or humidity gauge.  These can be found at most discount stores for less than 20 dollars.  Rotate the gauge in each room of the house and find out which rooms are a problem.  Culprits are often the laundry room or basement. 

3.  What if your humidity is high?  Get a DE-humidifier & correct the water problem that caused the elevation in the first place.  Consider your home to be a single unit with each individual room (click on link to College of Allergy) contributing to the problem. 

4.  Dust isn’t any easier to deal with.  Best practices are covering the pillows and mattress with a material that isn’t hot to sleep on and completely quarantines the dust mite to their eventual death.  No, I don’t feel sorry either.

I’m asked about airfilters all the time.  Do they work?  It depends.  You can spend as much as you would like on a fancy air filter, but this guide will help you make the best choice for the cash you want to spend. 

Allergy avoidance takes hard work, but it’s well worth the effort.  Don’t sweep your intentions under the carpet one more day!

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