Vitamin D isn’t just for Rickets anymore!

Sunset at the Florida Keys!
Sunset at the Florida Keys!

While on vacation in the Florida Keys, I was impressed with how quickly my legs and forehead turned from white to lobster red…ouch another sunburn!  Surely there must be some benefit (and definitely beauty) for all this pain.  Your answer awaits….it’s Vitamin D.

Natural medicine and traditional medicine often don’t see “eye to eye”, but Vitamin D is different.  In fact, Vitamin D isn’t a vitamin at all, it’s a hormone.  Vitamins can’t be produced by the body without an external source in foods or other supplements.  Hormones, on the other hand, are manufactured by brain/endocrine cells, and in the case of Vitamin D by the skin. 

So why as an allergist do I really care about getting adequate amounts of Vitamin D?

  • It appears that Vitamin D may be one of the few supplements that reduces infections.  (sinusitis and pneumonia)
  • Vitamin D has a role in reducing allergy and asthma.  This beneficial effect has the proof of clinical trials. 
  • Asthma patients on inhaled corticosteroids are at risk of developing osteoporosis if Vitamin D levels are too low. 
  • Your body can’t utilize calcium if your vitamin D level is low. 
  • If your Vitamin D level isn’t > 30, you need to supplement with 1,000-2,000 units per day. (available over-the-counter)

New Hope 360 says it best in this video:

For the full article, click here– New Hope 360 full article

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