I Can Do Surgery from YouTube

Not really, but now that I have your attention, patients can learn lots of information from a good YouTube channel.

My YouTube channel has several videos that should interest you:

  1. How to use an inhaler from National Jewish Hospital.  It’s better to use a spacer (yes, always), but often the spacer gets separated from the inhaler.  Think I’m kidding…just check your purse.  If you’ve lost your spacer, use the three finger bridge technique that’s illustrated on this video.
  2. What can I expect from skin testing?  Does it hurt?  My colleagues from Allergy Partners will explain the who, what, when, where and why about skin testing.  And no, it doesn’t hurt like you think.
  3. And what would a blog be without celebrities?  Does anyone remember Shaq playing basketball?  You will remember his story about apnea!

Enjoy your weekend.

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