The Hidden Gem

Tulsa has often been chided as the “Oklahoma step child” in comparison to Oklahoma City, but I think this article refutes that myth.

Tulsa is on the list

#Oklahoma boasts a low cost of living, and #physicians responding to the Medscape survey also reported high incomes: an average of $304,000. At 8.5%, the average state and local tax burden is well below the national average of 9.8%.

Oklahoma doctors may have trouble finding adequate staff support. Oklahoma has just 746 nurses per 100,000 patients—about 15% lower than the national average, according to the #Kaiser Family Foundation—and the percentage of #nurse practitioners (NPs) in the state is about one half the national average. That may contribute to physician frustration: Nearly one quarter of Oklahoma physicians who recently responded to a Physicians Foundation survey say they are adopting, or plan to adopt, a concierge model in the next few years.

City to consider: “Tulsa is pretty much a hidden gem,” says Merritt Hawkins’ divisional vice president Tommy Bohannon. “It has one of the more active #arts communities in the country, and you have terrific dining, shopping, and cultural opportunities.” Tulsa is home to OSU–Tulsa and the University of Tulsa.

Here’s what I like about #Tulsa:

  1. Big city amenities, but still feels like a small town.  A word of caution: be careful who you criticize as small towns make everybody friends!
  2. The shows that come to Tulsa are second to none.  For example, Phantom of the Opera was like watching a Broadway musical on Broadway.
  3. Pick your favorite food and you can find an amazing restaurant that fits the bill!  Fortunately, prices are very reasonable.
  4. Biking & running trails in Tulsa take away all of your excuses for not exercising.  A beautiful view on the Arkansas river takes your mind off the pain.  The good news: an alternative trail will be constructed AROUND the casino to enhance the view.
  5. Navigating the traffic is Tulsa is tolerable, if not even pleasant.  Highways are constructed in a grid, and most places in Tulsa you can get to in under 30 minutes.  (Of course, the more Tulsa grows, the more your blood pressure rises)

So if you’re a doctor or other professional looking for a place to locate, come visit and we’ll be happy to show you around.

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