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100 Days of Happiness

It’s lake season again in Northeast Oklahoma. One of my favorites has to be Beaver Lake in Arkansas. Clear water, beautiful woods….ahhh!

Grapefruit Juice and Drug Interaction


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Does Grapefruit Juice Really Interact With My Medication?

      A somewhat odd and alarming warning is listed on the prescription bottle of numerous medications: “Do not take this medication with grapefruit juice”. This warning is in fact listed for the most prescribed medication class in the world, the statin medications for high cholesterol. How could grapefruit juice possibly interact with a medication? Is the interaction actually dangerous? Can I still eat just one grapefruit? These are common questions pharmacists and other health professionals get, yet the exact answers to these questions are usually muddled with a sort of dubiousness by those responding. Information regarding the interaction was sparse at best when it was first discovered and information in scientific literature always seems to change. One year it was okay to eat just one grapefruit or have one glass of juice and the next year that turned intoa…

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Running with asthma

Keep up the good work! No excuse for not exercising.

lissy webb

I’ve had asthma for as long as I can remember. I can also remember as a child being told that it was likely that I’d just ‘grow out of it’. But I got older and older, and now here I am at 26, still an asthmatic.

Like most people, I have certain triggers that make asthma worse. The biggest trigger I have is cold weather. Asthma is a major problem for me in winter – the cold air coupled with spending more time indoors with central heating on full blast plays havoc with my ability to breathe comfortably. 

It makes training so much harder – the running in general is harder, with inhaler breaks mid run. Harder runs in turn lead to dreading runs, which in turn leads to missed runs. It’s a vicious cycle.

I remember once being at a BBQ, and getting out and using my inhaler. Bemused…

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Is it legal to buy drugs online or import them from another country?

Many asthma patients will inquire about this for cheaper inhalers. Good article.


Is It Legal To Buy Drugs Online Or From Outside Of The United States?

     ​Consumers always want to find the best price to purchase their goods and medications are no different. The drugs that treat our many illnesses and disease states can help us lead healthier and better lives, but they can also come at an enormous cost. We now live in a digital age, where many of our purchases that once took place in brick and mortar stores, now take place online. There has always been a sort of stigma regarding online pharmacies. Are their prices too good to be true? Are they safe? Will you get the same medication online as the medication that is at your CVS down the street? The big questions though are those concerned with the legality of it all. There are two legal questions that people always want answered. The first is if it is even legal to buy drugs online. The second is, if it is legal to buy drugs online, can…

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Infections Occur More Commonly During Winter Due to Close Contact

Handwash, handwash, handwash.


Infections Occur More Commonly During Winter Due to Close Contact

The principal reason for the increase in the number of infections in winter weather is the fact that people tend to remain indoors in cold weather and, thus, are in very close contact with one another. Proximity allows the spread of many viruses that cause respiratory infections. In addition, influenza is even more common in winter because the virus first attacks the Far East in their summer and then spreads westward and reaches the U.S. by winter. Although it is preferable that one should stay warm, there is little hard evidence to suggest that not wearing a hat or exposure of wet hair to inclement weather increases the risk of infection or, more specifically, pneumonia. The truth is, the flu and the common cold are both caused by viruses. People get sick more often in the winter because they’re exposed to each other more.

We always appreciate your comments and…

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What to Make of Dr. Oz and his Detox? Not much

Unfortunately, this has been my experience as well with allergy related topics. It’s difficult to come up with a new topic for your TV show EVERYDAY!


Although my exposure to Dr. Oz has been limited, he is not one of my favorite TV doctors. He often offers opinions in areas where he clearly is not an expert.  By presenting himself as a doctor who is knowledgeable in so many areas, he has the potential of undermining the credibility of physicians more broadly.  A recent report provides some welcome pushback and at the same time indicates that “detox” treatments are unlikely to be helpful.

Here’s the link: Detox treatments by DrOz and others lack evidence, benefit  – CBC

An excerpt:

Despite bold promises that the treatments would purify, detoxify and boost energy and optimize organ function, the cleanses lacked any scientific evidence of efficacy, or clear idea of what toxins they would actually diminish…

“In looking at the medical literature on these things, there has never been a properly conducted scientific investigation of any of these treatments…

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Seafood Allergies Get Worse Over Time


Seafood Allergies Get Worse Over Time

Seafood allergy is a major problem because as it worsens in someone’s life, the seafood allergy, actually, can become a problem that can be even life-threatening. Now, initially, people who have problems with seafood, actually, suffer difficulties which are more like stomach irritation, diarrhea, vomiting. But as the seafood allergy worsens, and as the symptoms start to get worse, what invariable happens is people start to have hives and even anaphylactic reactions.

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The road to hell can be paved with good intentions…

Very amusing but real-life doctor stories. Thanks Ben

A Doctor Unleashed...

The practice of medicine gives you an unparalleled opportunity to look like a goose. Of course the opposite is also true: some days bring an impressive diagnosis or even a simple procedure that saves a patient’s life and enables you to be a hero for a brief period. But what goes up must inevitably come down. I have witnessed a multitude of Doctors sink like a lead balloon in the course of everyday hospital medicine…

I recall one of the first Medical Emergency Team (MET) calls I was involved with as a freshly-graduated intern: The call was broadcast over the hospital speaker system early one afternoon stating that the MET team was required at the cafeteria. Medical staff rushed to the scene from all directions, where a senior medical Doctor had taken control in examining an elderly man who had collapsed amongst the crowds of people queuing for lunch. He…

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Bronchial thermoplasty: Long-term safety and effectiveness in patients with severe persistent asthma

The research is now there for use of bronchial thermoplasty.  What is this procedure?

We have this procedure available here in Tulsa at St Francis hospital.  Do patients like it?

For the study in this month’s JACI that summarizes the beneficial effects of bronchial thermoplasty, click on the link below:

Bronchial thermoplasty: Long-term safety and effectiveness in patients with severe persistent asthma.

Health: Asthma Misdiagnosis Is Common

Don’t think you have asthma….try the following:
1. Reflux can mimic symptoms of asthma with cough & wheeze
2. You might need a Aridol challenge test to be sure.
3. Don’t forget about sinus infection which can mimic coughing.
4. Make sure you’ve performed lung function! (PFTs)
5. Vocal Cord Dysfunction can sneak in as a cause of cough & wheeze.