What’s important about Asthma?

If you’re like me, your schedule can’t take another committment–how can you add one more task for asthma?  Don’t neglect treatment for your asthma as proper attention now will save you time & money in the end.  Anyone remember the Fram oil filter commercial….”you can pay me now or pay me later?”  We’ll help you focus on what needs to be done everyday and which tasks are to be used just when needed. 

But first, how does asthma really work and why do I have it?  Review this link for “real time” photos!

 What is my hope for you by using these techniques?

1.  More activity without wheezing, coughing, or becoming short of breath

2.  No unscheduled office visits or Urgent care/emergency room visits for asthma flares

3.  Preserve your lung function for your retirement…we all love being active with our grandkids!

4.  Get you on the cheapest medicines available to prevent asthma.

So what’s most important in treatment of your asthma to avoid the top box?

1.  Get a written Asthma Action Plan…if we don’t bring it up, ask.

2.  Review your inhaler use like you would an oil change–every 3 months.  Which medicines are “everyday” and which ones are just “as needed?”

3.  Peak flow meter.  Use for 1-2 weeks as a baseline and thereafter like a thermometer for your asthma. 

Need extra help:  Click on the link to the American Academy of Allergy (AAAAI)

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